Casting Steel Grinding Balls For Ball Mill

Casting Grinding Steel Ball for Ball Mill Grinding and Gold Mine Copper Mine


.Electric furnace smelting:All cast steel balls are produced by intermediate frequency electric furance .The purity and stability of materials are effectively esured after unform temerature conditioning and twice hot metal purificati0n.



Specifications of our products as follows:
                          Type and Chenical Composition of Cast Balls





                       Chemical Composition
         C Si Mn S/P Cr HRC
Cast ball

special hi-cr

2.0-3.2 <1.0 0.5-2.0 <0.06 >18 58-64


2.0-3.2 <1.0 0.5-1.5 <0.06 >10 58-62


2.0-3.2 <1.0 0.5-1.5 <0.06 ≥5 45-48


2.2-3.4 ≤1.2 0.5-1.5 ≤0.06 1.0-1.5 42-46



    Physical property of cast iron balls





Impact test


Endurance test times HRC Breakage





Cast ball



special hi-cr ≥4 ≥10000 58-64 <1%
higt-cr ≥3 ≥10000 58-62 <1%
medium-cr ≥3 ≥8000 45-48 <1%
low-cr ≥2 ≥8000 42-46 <1%





.Assay before furnace :Temperature control is an important and complex process during cast steel ball production.Different tapping temperature and heat temperature are sensitively reflected in the quality of the products.It is requested to master the proper pouring temperature ,mold temperature ,so that can make sure the products achieve a good state of body tisssue during the transition from Liquid to solid states.


Process features of cast iron balls:
Moulding process---pouing when the molten iron temoerature reaches 1500 C,using the teoperature difference between moletn iron and the this way,the ball can achieve internal organization  of grain refinement and be moredense.menanwhile,the carvide is radially arranged .and such carbide is embedded in  the matrix again during  grinding process,forming hatd layer continously,so that the hardness and toughness is maintained to a reasonable range,greatly improving the toughness and hardness of the grinding balls.






Grinding Balls For Ball Mill

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